Corporate Sites

We provide CMS’s solution for Corporate Sites.

Corporate Intranet and Extranets help to manage the flow of communication with employees within an organization and with customers/partners outside the organization. Intranets and Extranets allow data and information to be available through a standard Web browser.

We provide expertise, experience and dedicated teams to develop and implement the Intanet and Extranet solutions for small to large corporations. Our Intranet/Extranet solutions help small-to-large size businesses streamline and automate their work-flow, collect information, perform business transactions and manage documents for multiple departments and report on data from multiple systems.

Our Extranet/Intranet solutions help you to:

  • Organize and share information
  • Implement workflows for procedure/policy enforcement
  • Create an internal information repository
  • Facilitate knowledge management
  • Improve communication and collaboration