Online Marketplace

We provide seller a place where they connect customer ‘s potential.

For suppliers and buyers Online marketplaces provide great opportunities to establish new partnerships, both within their supply chain and across different supply chains. As the availability, prices and stock levels are all accessible in an open environment, these provide greater transparency in the purchasing process. The problem of buyers and sellers being in different time zones is also addressed by round-the-clock operations.

Our marketplace solutions help businesses lower the administrative and processing costs of bidding, tendering and procurement. We create online marketplaces embedded with powerful tools for the merchants to effectively showcase their products, connect them to potential customers and integrate with delivery mechanisms, billing & accounting systems and payment gateways.

The Key Features of our Online Marketplaces:

  • Ability for users to quickly and easily list their products
  • Online Payment Integration with all payment gateways
  • Easy to use product management system
  • Instantly generated reports and statistics for all your sales
  • Reliable, robust and 100% secure system
  • Development of customized UI themes
  • Dedicated support and maintenance