Online Store

Do you have Online Store? If not, we are here to provide you a store where you can save information and can show in your own way.

For both customers and the business, a cost effective eCommerce store requires a flexible  end-to-end solution which provide the customers web access to product information and availability, order status and history and account information. eCommerce solution should also provide complete control to site operators over product content, product management, inventory, order fulfillment, shipping and sales information.

Our company specializes in offering a unique combination of eCommerce consulting and technical expertise to implement cutting edge database driven eCommerce websites which help you achieve your business goals.

Our solutions are a perfect integration of strategic approach and technological endeavor that addresses the constantly changing eCommerce market needs.

The key features of our eCommerce solution are:

  • Database-driven Product Catalogs
  • Powerful Storefront Features
  • Product Search
  • Order Tracking
  • Price Alerts
  • Discount Functions
  • Inventory Management, Product Management & Stock Control
  • Order Management
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Credit Card Validation & Online Payment Processing
  • Multi-Currency Support & Currency Conversion
  • Shipping & Tax Management
  • Supply Chain Solutions
  • Traffic Log Analysis, Statistical Reports & Website Monitoring
  • Online Membership Management
  • Mailing Lists Management