Template Integration

You don’t to know how to and what after design your graphics, come here we will mix your world with your website.

Many of the businesses use their custom online or offline solutions and they require UI development done within that application. For such kind of requirements our Template Integration service is the best solution. In this service, we deliver pixel perfect UI templates which can be applicable with any type of application that you are currently using. The information architecture and the layer distribution of your back-end remain unchanged.

You could also consider using this service if you have a customized design which needs to be integrated to your application. It is not uncommon for designers to use their own custom grid system while creating the designs. We can efficiently code the UI for such designs and integrate it with your custom application.

What we offer:

  • Pixel perfect front-ends
  • Integration with custom application
  • Custom design integration
  • Semantic coding
  • W3C compliant
  • Time bound deliveries